Supporting Embryo Implantation: Laser-Assisted Hatching at Avni Women's Hospital.

While most embryos naturally break out of their protective shell (zona pellucida) during implantation, some may face difficulties due to a thick or abnormal shell, slow development, or previous IVF failures. P.D. Hinduja Hospital offers Laser-Assisted Hatching (LAH) as a potential solution.

What is Laser-Assisted Hatching?

LAH utilizes a precise laser beam to create a small opening in the zona pellucida, assisting the embryo in hatching. This minimally invasive procedure takes only seconds per embryo and minimizes their time outside the incubator.

Who may benefit from LAH?

Patients considered potential candidates for LAH include those with:

  • Thick or abnormal eggshells
  • Embryos developing slower than usual
  • Embryos with excessive fragmentation
  • Individuals with a history of two or more unsuccessful IVF cycles

It's important to note that LAH is not a guaranteed solution and should be used based on individual circumstances and under the guidance of your doctor.

Safety of LAH:

When performed correctly, LAH is considered a safe procedure with minimal risks to the embryo. The laser is carefully calibrated and targeted at the shell, ensuring no harm to the developing embryo itself.

Seeking further information?

Contact  Avni Women's Hospital. to learn more about LAH and discuss if it can be a potential option for your specific situation.

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