The Semen Analysis commonly referred to as the sperm count test, evaluates the health and the viability of the Sperm of a man. Semen is the liquid that contains Sperm (plus additional protein and sugar substances) that is released when you ejaculate.

Reading the lab report

The lab report on semen analysis will examine a variety of factors which include:

  • Volume The normal volume ranges between 1.5 and 5.0 millilitres (a millilitre roughly corresponds to one teaspoon). The low volume can be an indication of obstructions in the ejaculatory drainage channels. Ejaculation that is retrograde, in which the semen is inserted into the bladder instead of leaving the body, can result in low volume.
  • Content of semen: Researchers are learning more about the human body through studying the contents and composition of semen. Based on the information from the content of the semen, additional tests of blood may be conducted to look for signs of infection or other health issues.
  • Sperm count: The count indicates the amount of sperm present in this sample of semen. The normal sperm count could be between 70 and 80 million sperm/mL. People with a low sperm count might be very fertile if their sperm is "high quality." But, having an unsatisfactory sperm count could be a sign of a problem within the body, giving doctors a clue to consider further tests and treatment.
  • Sperm motility: Sperm motility refers to the way the sperm swims, moves, or fights to move through the uterus, cervix, and fallopian tube toward the egg. Normal sperm motility occurs when at least 50 percent of the sperm move. The lab technician will examine to determine whether the sperm move at a rapid pace, how fast they move, and whether they move in a straight line.
  • Sperm Morphology (shape): Sperm shape may provide clues to the development of a healthy. If the sperm's shape is off, it could mean that the sperm has been exposed to chemical or toxic substances or suffers from other issues.

Semen analysis at our center

Semen analysis can only be performed by a prescription from the IVF consultants. The prescription must be handed over to the IVF receptionist to create an investigation voucher. A sample of the container will be provided together with the relevant instructions. The timings of the Semen analysis are from Monday. To Sat. from 8:30 am to 10.00 hours, after-hours to Saturday afternoon from 8:30 hrs to 10.00 hrs, and evening from 12 pm until 1 pm. If a patient is undergoing egg retrieval, the husband is called around 7:15, and the egg is collected and processed before OPU is completed. This ensures that the sperm sample is present before the eggs are collected.

Reports are available the same day, by the evening, at IVF at the counter for reception only.

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